What We Do

Strengthen the capabilities of your legal team. When you need it. For as long as you need it. Where you need it. LexLocom provides ZSA®-vetted legal professionals – utilizing best-in-class technology – that have the talent and flexibility to meet your demands, with substantial cost savings – on site or remotely.

First and foremost, LexLocom is a talent-lending organization. Our legal outsourcing solutions are designed for overworked in-house teams and capacity-stretched law firms. We are the industry leader in the acquisition of legal talent and will find you the right candidate – or team of professionals – whether you are looking to retain a part-time General Counsel For Hire, several Associates on Request to augment your capacity due to a leave of absence or new project, or require a Document Review Team of any size or timeframe.

For all of our assignments, we utilize the best-in-class technology to provide our clients with complete solutions based on their distinct needs. For document reviews, we have the expertise and flexibility to manage and execute all aspects of the entire project, from beginning to end. If a client already has a project team, LexLocom will deliver a best-in-the-business document review team to process, review and analyze the documents using either our technology platform or incorporating the clients’ platform.  Our past document review engagements have varied in length from a few days to several years and we have staffed numerous projects varying in size from a few hundred documents to millions for all types of document assignments, including:

  • eDiscovery – Litigation & Arbitration 
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Competition Bureau Requests
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • Regulatory Compliance Activities
  • Government Inquiries

LexLocom will work with you to provide a customized solution that meets the specific needs of your organization and your situation.