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One of the critical aspects of minimizing the risks and increasing the efficiency of the document review process is to construct, document and follow a defensible process based on best practices, advanced legal project management principles and counsel’s instructions.

At LexLocom, defensibility is our governing principle. Our processes are reasonable, well thought out and cost-effective. Our work product is consistent and correct.  Just as importantly, our people love doing what they do. At LexLocom, we have a step-by-step process in place that will be tailored to your specific matter


our document review process


1) Planning and Project Management

We will work with you to ensure that a project plan is drafted and tailored to the specifications of counsel and is consistent with best practices.

2) Team Selection and Training

  • We have developed a detailed protocol for talent recruiting, testing and selection.

  • We conduct all required reference, background and conflict checks.
  • We employ team members previously used on similar projects.
  • We ensure that our review teams receive comprehensive substantive and platform training.

3) Established Workflows

  • Our team designs processes specifically geared to your project's requirements. 
  • We employ analytics and technology assisted review capabilities to find key information fast and decrease overall costs. 
  • We demonstrate compliance with key security and quality standards while maintaining acceptable pace.

4) Quality Control

  • We will develop quality control processes to achieve key project goals.
  • We will implement controls to manage privilege designation and preparation/validation and results for production.
  • We test review work product using sampling, targeted review and validation searches.
  • We maintain performance tracking logs for all reviewers.

5) Communication

We will develop a formal schedule of communications with counsel and seek counsel’s guidance to confirm or correct results and provide insights on training materials.  

6) Reporting

We deliver regular, comprehensive reports to monitor progress and quality and to assist counsel with various aspects of the file.