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LexLocom is a consultancy focused on providing Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) solutions to large and small law firms, legal departments as well as government to help them plan, budget, implement and manage cost-effective legal staffing and resource requirements.


LexLocom Case Studies

Erco Worldwide

Challenge: Our client, a global chemical manufacturer, serves a number of customer segments including the energy, food, paper, agriculture, aviation, and heavy manufacturing industries. With such a varied client base, our client’s legal team must be able to handle myriad legal dilemma at the drop of a hat; such responsiveness became imperilled when a key member of the already-lean team suddenly resigned. With less than a two-week turnaround time, a replacement was needed, and engaging outside counsel was unfeasible due to financial constraints. Accordingly, our client turned to LexLocom to triage the situation.

Solution: LexLocom suggested hiring a lawyer on a three-month contract to cover the sudden absence, which would save on costs allow time to source a full-time replacement. Initially our client was skeptical that LexLocom could find individuals that had the necessary experience, but was relieved when three strong lawyers were presented within days. After a speedy-yet-intense interview process, the successful LexLocom candidate was working within 36 hours of being hired.

Results: Initially, piece of mind: our client’s internal legal team and business didn’t skip a beat, as it wasn’t forced to devote time or resources to sourcing a replacement. Nor did its bottom line take a hit engaging expensive outside counsel. LexLocom found our client a skilled, cost-effective, and experienced lawyer that was able to devote his full attention to the client’s legal needs. In the long-term, the client was so impressed with the individual’s capabilities and his “fit” within organization that they hired him permanently. 


Challenge: As one of the largest banks in Canada, our client’s legal team rivalled many national law firms in terms of its size and scope.  To ensure legal and regulatory compliance and oversight, our client needed an audit completed with a non-negotiable project timeline of two months.  Given the share size of the corporation, the internal audit proved to be costly and cumbersome.  Moreover, our client had to audit its in-house legal team which required confidentiality and impartiality.   The client turned to LexLocom for guidance.

Solution: To perform the audit, the client needed a lawyer who was highly-skilled in the niche areas of private wealth management, mutual funds and trusts. LexLocom assessed the clients’ needs and within twenty-four hours presented six candidates with the required skillset who were able to meet the bank’s stringent audit timeline. 

Results: By performing the audit, our client was able to ensure that its enterprise compliance programs were functioning as intended.  By using Lexlocom, our client met its deadline at an exceptionally reasonable cost.  Most importantly, by bringing in an outside lawyer, none of our clients’ internal business and legal units were disrupted and the audit was performed with the utmost objectivity and impartiality.  

Vector Aerospace

Challenge: LexLocom was contacted by a unique client – a global provider of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (“MRO”) services to the aviation industry – that was faced with dilemma: a member of the organization’s legal team was exiting, and the client was perplexed as to how to triage the situation. Not only was this person extremely familiar with our client’s business, he formerly practiced at one of Canada’s premier firms: difficult shoes to fill.

Solution: Presented with the situation, LexLocom suggested rather than incurring the expense of bringing in outside counsel, it would be more cost-effective to hire a LexLocom asset on a short-term contract. This would allow the organization’s legal department to maintain headcount while providing time to assess the company’s long-term needs. The client agreed, but the requirements were stringent: the candidate must have five years’ corporate experience gained at one of Canada’s top-five law firms, with an immediate start date.

While certainly a tall order, LexLocom met the challenge handily and within eight days of receiving the mandate, one of LexLocom’ s contract assets was hired. A top practitioner, our client was exceptionally pleased with the quality of the candidate’s work, and extended the employment contract for several months.

Results: LexLocom’s service allowed the client to maintain its legal team’s size and expertise during the busiest time of its business cycle, without increasing payroll headcount or incurring the excessive costs of bringing on a seconded lawyer. 

Strategic Legal

Challenge: Our U.S.-client was faced with a transaction that had a Canadian element. As part of the due diligence process, five to ten full-time lawyers were required for a 6-week document review project. Not only was our client faced with an international staffing issue, but not having a physical presence in Canada, office space was also a challenge that needed to be overcome.

Solution: LexLocom provided the requisite number of document reviewers in short order, even when the parameters of the search changed mid-stream (lawyers fully bilingual in French and English were now required). Moreover, LexLocom was able to provide the office space, fully-equipped with all necessary resources, to conduct the document review.

Results: The 6-week document review was a success. Despite shifting timelines and criteria, LexLocom was able to adapt and respond to our client’s needs, and helped facilitate a successful international transaction. 

Pallett Valo

Challenge: Our client, a mid-sized, full-service regional law firm well known for its commercial real-estate and construction law practice was approaching an “all hands on deck” transaction, and the firm was in dire need of a lawyer with at least 4 years of relevant experience to cover overflow. Despite the firm’s reputation, it was unsuccessful at attracting talent – the market was simply not in its favour, as the commercial real estate lawyers were in high demand, and generally hard to come by.

Solution: LexLocom’s network and brand means that regardless of market conditions, our pool of candidates contains skilled lawyers practicing in most legal areas. We were able to provide several candidate profiles with the requisite commercial real estate experience, and within days interviews were conducted. With the firm focused on the large transaction, LexLocom was able to shoulder significant administrative and HR burdens, thus freeing up our client’s staff to focus on the important work of maintaining a law practice. Within ten days of our client’s initial inquiry, the firm had found its new commercial real-estate lawyer.

Results: Whether a sole practitioner or a large international law firm, time is the most valuable resource. In a market that made finding commercial real estate lawyers difficult, our client was able to activate LexLocom’s roster in lieu of using its own time to source a “needle-in-a-haystack” candidate. LexLocom not only located the right candidate, but did so quickly, and cost-effectively. 

Pratt & Whitney

Challenge: Our technology client was in need of a lawyer to cover a four-month maternity leave. However, rather than a general in-house corporate/commercial lawyer, our client required a specialized practitioner: an individual with deep experience in intellectual property and in the IT sector. Not sure how to proceed with such a specialized search, our client turned to LexLocom

Solution: LexLocom maintains numerous skilled lawyers in many different practice areas on its roster. We were able to tap into our database and provide our client with a robust shortlist of intellectual property with the appropriate industry exposure. Within weeks, interviews were being conducted and eventually our client was faced with a new problem: making the difficult decision of which candidate to hire!

Results: Not only did the incumbent receive glowing reviews, he fit in with the organization’s culture perfectly. By having several lawyers across many practice areas, LexLocom is able to provide our clients not only with individuals that meet the technical requirements, but with the luxury of choosing the candidate will work well within the organization and its culture.